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San Miguel de Allende (SMA)



Please don't buy your tickets until you are notified your workshop has filled.  San Miguel is accessible from two airports:  Leon (BJX) and Queretaro (QRO).  To get to and from either airport, the shuttle service, Bajiogo, is excellent.  Their website,, allows you to book online.  You will need your flight number, time of arrival and the address of where you are staying.  

When you arrive at the airport, after going through customs, a driver will meet you near the doors with a sign with your name on it.  It is not necessary to pay online; the driver will accept U.S. dollars or pesos.  The fee is $30.00.  They will deliver you to your door.

Note from Jan:  You can also fly to Mexico City and have a BajioGo shuttle pick you up and take you back.  The fee is between $80 and $150, depending if you are traveling alone or they can match you with other riders.  It is about a 4-hour trip Mexico City to San Miguel on a safe and comfortable bus. Contact Jan for more info.

It is not necessary to rent a car. In fact, it is discouraged!



San Miguel’s nights are notoriously loud.  Dogs barking, music playing and everyone's favorite: pre-dawn fireworks to celebrate every birthday, saint's day, wish for good luck, births, deaths.  Really, it happens quite often.  Bring ear plugs or better yet, a white noise machine.


It is super easy to fall while walking around SMA because of the narrow sidewalks, cobblestones, potholes, you name it. Stairs are everywhere are elevators are rare.  I can't imagine being in SMA with a wheelchair.  Bring comfortable walking shoes. No heels!


Average temperatures during the day are in the 70's. However, it can drop to the 50's at night. Bring sunscreen!


The Mexican currency is the peso.  You can change dollars at the airport or at banks. Most businesses will not accept U.S. dollars, so please change your money to pesos.  It is common to withdraw money via ATMs.  There are many ATMs and banks near the center of town. If you take US dollars to a bank to change, you must bring your passport.  It is common for ATMs to give you 500 peso notes, which is a drag for vendors.  All banks are required to change these big notes to small bills if you ask them.  It is common to use debit/credit cards, except for purchases from small vendors, such as those at the market. 

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