Class Description

The Archivist’s Relic

9 hour workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to make this simple, sweet little chunky book using only watercolor paper, found metal & embellishments. The book is approximately 4 x 3 inches.

You will learn how to work with found metal, how to create beautiful textures and surfaces using gesso and ink, as well as distressing, punching, altering, and cold connecting. Join us for a fun day of art making & use this book to record your special dreams, goals, & thoughts that are close to your heart.

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One day workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to make an eclectic free standing figurative assemblage, starting with only two pieces of wood & a few of your favorite treasures! You will learn the nuts & bolts of assemblage, composition,  cold connecting, and how to unite found objects to create a cohesive piece of art. You will learn a cool new way to distress wood surfaces, I will teach you how to make my clay faces, and how to make a mold of just about anything.

We will drill, sand, carve, paint, sculpt, problem solve, punch & distress...but most important, we will have a blast! Breathe new life into your found treasures and join us for a fun day of constructing these awesome, one of a kind assemblages!

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Venetian plaster and image transfers, 9 hour or 2 day workshop

This workshop was inspired by a decaying batch of vintage photos that I found at a thrift store in Questa, NM. They were delicious, with big blotches where heads used to be, missing limbs, ghostly silhouettes, but they were much too precious to use so I decided to make my own!

In this workshop, you will learn how to create the look of old worn surfaces...think peeling paint, hundred year old walls in Italy and rusty grunge. We will be working with Venetian plaster, one of my favorite supplies, and adding ink, paint and other non-acrylic mediums to create dynamic textures and patterns.You will also learn how to create easy, stunning photo transfers and how to combine transfers with fabulous texture. 

Take your art to the next level by incorporating these simple, fast and easy techniques into your paintings, collages, journals, assemblages or just about any creative project You will leave with a (mostly) finished deck of eighteen 6 x 3 inch cards with 36 surfaces, containing a diverse and intriguing body of work.

No experience necessary, just come with an open mind, a playful heart, and leave your inner critic at home…or in another room!

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Exploring Clay, Canvas & Ink, one day workshop

This is a fun, relaxed workshop suitable for everyone with all levels of experience. We will be working with a no bake clay that will be secured to a small canvas, texturized, and decorated with found objects, paint & ink.  

You will learn composition, object placement & design skills, as well as how to add texture, depth, strength & stability to your work. I will also demonstrate a quick & easy way to make a mold of just about anything. Join us for a fun day of playing with clay, you will leave with at least 2 finished pieces, 3 if you work fast.

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Charming canvas book with pockets, 2 day workshop

In this workshop you will create this sweet sturdy book that is made entirely out of canvas & embellishments. You will learn basic bookbinding skills, and we will experiment with texture gels, gesso, plaster, molding paste & ink to create fabulous backgrounds & pages. The book starts out at approximately 5 x 7 inches, but can be much larger after we add embellishments. The canvas pages make it a hardy, durable book that can travel far & survive your most adventurous trips. We will fill it with secret compartments & pockets, perfect for your souvenirs & writing, providing a safe place to keep your writing that you may not want to share with the world. I love to show off my art journals, but I find that this sometimes prevents me from writing all that I want to say.  Now you can write your heart out & still have a gorgeous art book to show to your friends! This is an intense class with multiple steps, techniques & supplies, a lot of love & work goes into this book, but you will leave with gorgeous art book that will be treasured for years to come.

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Metal transfers and surface design on canvas

 A 5-day workshop in beautiful San Miguel de Allende Mexico.

February 12-18, 2022

In this workshop we will transform ordinary metal into a fabulous thick,
chunky, beautifully embellished deck of cards! Each student will receive 10 flat pieces of metal, each 6 X 3inches, to transform into a beautiful work of art. We will explore a variety of ways to use &
distress metal, cloth, paper,  found objects, and you will learn a
boatload of brand new ideas & techniques!
You will receive in depth instruction on how to work with metal
-applying texture to metal
-metal transfers
-a variety of ways to forge, distress & mark metal
-how to add ink & paint as a design element
-how to use patina to change the look of the metal
-alternative ways to attach objects your work without using glue
-how to correctly use tools & products, including the doming block & a few new surprises
-how to master object placement, composition & problem solving
-how to add texture & depth to your work
-composition & design concepts
-a variety of new surface design techniques
-how to create a cohesive, themed project
You will leave with a unique, beautifully embellished art deck that can be bound by decorative wire or transformed into a book or sculpture if you wish.

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